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LEGO 60166 Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter

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Brand LEGO

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Perform a daring helicopter rescue before the shark gets too close!

Pieces: 415

Be a part of the fearless LEGOยฎ City coast guard crew on the Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter, featuring sliding doors on the sides, opening ramp in the back with space for the included water scooter, 2-minifigure cockpit and a rotating crane arm with lowering winch. This fun set also includes a lighthouse, shipwreck and a kayak with paddle, plus 4 minifigures and a shark figure.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: one female and 2 male coast guard members, a kayaker, plus a shark figure.
  • Features a helicopter with spinning rotors, sliding doors on both sides, opening ramp at the back with space for the included water scooter, opening 2-minifigure cockpit, rotating crane arm with winch operated by a handle on the side.
  • Also includes a lighthouse and shipwreck, plus a kayak.
  • Spin the rotors and take off in the helicopter.
  • Lower the ramp and launch the water scooter.
  • Turn the handle to lower the winch.
  • Includes a paddle accessory element.
  • Helicopter (excluding rotors) measures over 5โ€ (13cm) high, 15โ€ (40cm) long and 3โ€ (10cm) wide.
  • Water scooter measures over 1โ€ (3cm) high, 3โ€ (8cm) long and 1โ€ (4cm) wide.
  • Kayak measures over 4โ€ (12cm) long and under 1โ€ (1cm) high and 1โ€ (2cm) wide.
  • Lighthouse and shipwreck measure over 3โ€ (9cm) high, 2โ€ (6cm) wide and 3โ€ (10cm) deep.
  • Shark figure measures over 2โ€ (7cm) long.