Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Trunks

By Bandai

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- Figure-rise Standard first-ever! Normal state, two of the Super Saiyan state can enjoy at the same time!

- Whether Build Muscle!

-1. Trunks of the normal state, comes with two head parts of the Super Saiyan state. -
- Four of the trunks can enjoy one of the items in the two types of facial expression parts are included.

-2. Burning attack is in effect parts, two accessories of magic flash. -
- In addition, a symbol of the trunks, sword also included. Various battle scenes can be reproduced in a variety of hand parts!

-3.Figure-rise Mechanics trunks of time machine (sold separately) to allow boarding! -
- in combination with a time machine, play in the scene can be reproduced!

- accessories
- Special Moves effect two (burning attack, magic flash) Ɨ each 1
And facial expression parts two (usually, anger) Ɨ each 1
Ken Ɨ 1
Normal state head Ɨ 1
Ā· Wrist parts seven (left and right grip hand, left and right smack, possession right sword, left and right sword served with hand) Ɨ each 1

- The contents of goods
- molded products Ɨ 10
Seal Ɨ 1
Instruction Manual Ɨ 1