Bandai will collaborate with companies that created "hit products" that attracted many people and innovated the world, to plastic modelled those hit products. When these products were plastic modelled with Ryowa's technology and assembled by their own hands, there was a new 'discovery' that they knew and did not know...

First wave will be collaborating with Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc and Sega to come out the PlayStation and SegaSaturn model kits! These products were in many people's memories, we grew up with Play Station and Sega Saturn. 😁😁

These model kits will be released in March 2020. You can preorder them at our online store now by clicking the link below (the title of each products).

Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 'Play Station' (SCPH-1000)


Best Hit Chronicle 2/5 'Sega Saturn' (HST-3200)