An Exciting Way to Offer the Best Reward Points for our customer. 

To make our customer happy is always our goal. Hence, we introduce this simple & straight forward DeToyz Reward Program to reward our customer with loyalty points that can be used in our online store. 

This is a 2-in-1 program where you earn reward points with every purchase you made in our online store as well as when you refer someone to become a new shopper to our online store.

When you create an account in our online store, you will be granted with Reward Points instantly to use it to discount on your purchase! No complicated calculation in the points redemption process. It's easy to earn, and easy to redeem.

1) What is DeToyz Reward Program and how it works?

DeToyz reward program is specifically design for our online customer to gain loyalty points that can be used at our online store. Our online customer can gain points from:

  • Product Purchases
  • Social Media (Facebook) subscriptions
  • Referral link sharing and purchase
  • Sign up a new store account

Below table shows our Rewards Conditions.
DeToyz Reward Program - Reward Conditions
*Social Follow: loyalty points will be given when you click on the FB Page link in our online store and like our FB page.
*Referral Link Sharing and Purchase: to share a referral link with friends and get loyalty points once their friends register in our store and make their first purchase.

Every registered customer can apply their earned points to get a discount. Below table shows the Terms of Use of the points.
DeToyz Reward Program - Terms of Use

2) Any expiry date for the reward points?

Yes. You will lose your Reward Points in 12 months after their acquisition if you don't use them beforehand.

3) How can I join DeToyz Reward Program?

You can join DeToyz Reward Program by signing up a new store account.
DeToyz Reward Program - How to Join

4) How can I check my available reward points and reward history?

Sign in to your account and at your account page, you can see your reward points history:
DeToyz Reward Program - Reward History

, click on the information bar (VIEW MY REWARDS POINTS) at the top of our homepage to go to your reward points history page. There is a summary of available reward points show up at the right bottom corner too.
DeToyz Reward Program - Check available Reward Points

5) How to redeem my reward points?

Sign in to your account, select the item(s) you want to purchase and go to your shopping cart page.Reward Program - Cart

Reward Program - Apply Points

Reward Program - Payment screen

Click "Complete Order" to complete the purchase process.

Your reward points status will be updated in your reward history page after your redemption:

Reward Program - Redemption

6) What happen to my reward points if my order is canceled?

If your order is canceled, please note that we only return Points corresponding to product price, disregarding shipping, etc.
Reward program - Refund

7) Can I use my reward points together with your Discount Code?

Unfortunately not. If you receive any discount code from us due to promotion, events, etc, you are unable to use it together with your reward points. In this case, to use the discount code,  you can only make a purchase as a guess (without logging in to your account). And no reward point is earned.
Check out our FAQ regarding to "How to use discount code".

*De Toyz Shop reserves the right to change the terms of use without any further notice.