LEGO 10265 Ford Mustang

LEGO sets restocked on 25th Oct 2021

These awesome LEGO sets are restocked! Online store updated. Find out more.
Figure-rise Standard Trichaser 2000"

Figure-rise Standard Trichaser 2000" with full-scale painting!

This is an advanced version of "Figure-rise Standard Trichaser 2000" with full-scale painting! It is done by Bandai development team. Check it out.
Figure-rise Standard Amplified Batman

Figure-rise Standard Amplified Batman Official Images revealed!

Bandai just revealed the official images of the upcoming Figure-rise Standard Amplified Batman. He looks awesome! Check them out.
LEGO 10295 Porsche 911

LEGO sets restocked 14th Oct 2021

LEGO technics sets restocked! Online store updated, find out more.
Tomica 50th Anniversary: Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Tomica new arrival 13th Oct 2021

Tomica new arrival! Online store updated, find out more.
October 13, 2021 — De Toyz Shop
MG Wing Gundam Ver ka

Gunpla restock 11th Oct 2021

Some great MG kits restock as well as SD kits. Online store updated, check them out.
October 11, 2021 — De Toyz Shop
Mr Color

Mr Color and others supplies restocked 5 Oct 2021

Mr Color, Mr Color Thinner, Surfacers and more supplies restocked today. Online store updated, check them out.
SDW Heroes Wukong Impulse Gundam DX Set

RG Hi-v Gundam and other new arrival

The wait has ended. The super hot item RG Hi-v Gundam just dropped in our shop, as well as other new arrivals. Online store is updated, check them out.
HGUC Messer Type F01

Gunpla restocked 20 Sept 2021

These hot Gunpla sets being restocked today. Rare Bandai SW kit Millennium Falcon and General Grievous are restocked too. Check them out.
FRS Amplified Bleezemon

New Bandai Items to be released in Jan~Mar 2022

Today Bandai announced all the new items that released in Jan~Mar 2022. Below are the items that we will bring in and preorder will be opened soon. Looks like we will have a busy schedule next year first half. Stay tuned.
HGUC Nightingale

HGUC Nightingale and Model kits new arrival 9 Sept 2021

The wait is ended! HGUC Nightingale, The Mandalorian, Razor Crest and more new items just dropped in our shop. Check them out.
MG Dynames

MG & RG Gunpla are restocked 12 Aug'21

More Master Grade and Real Grade Gunpla are restocked today. Online store updated, check them out.
August 12, 2021 — De Toyz Shop