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LEGO 60337 Express Passenger Train

LEGO new arrival & restock 3rd June 2022

New LEGO Ninjago sets arrived and LEGO Botanical series restocked. Online store updated, check them out.
LEGO 76948 T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout

LEGO Jurassic world sets new arrival & restock 14th April 2022

LEGO new arrival! The LEGO Jurassic World:Dominion as well as other LEGO sets just docked in. Online store update, find out more...
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LEGO new arrival 1 June'19

LEGO new arrival 1 June'19

Check out our LEGO new arrival. Online store updated, click here to buy.
70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor

New 2019 LEGO Ninjago sets coming in June

If you are a fans of LEGO Ninjago, you probably knew there are 12 new (4 of them are Spinjitzu set) Ninjago sets coming in June 2019. We now have pictures of 8 of the playsets. Let's have a look.v
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