PG Unleashed RX-78-2 Gundam

Gunpla & Model kits restock 1st Feb 2023

These Gunpla and model kits just dropped in our shop, check them out.
HG Gundam Aerial

Gunpla & Model kit restock 19 Jan 2023

New item HG Michaelis and HG Mirasoul Flight Unit arrived (small qty)! And some of the Gunpla and model kits are being restocked too. Check them out.
Bandai Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Zero

Gunpla & Model Kit restock 13 Jan 2023

More Gunpla and Model kits stock come in for CNY. Check out today's arrival.
HG Gundam Pharact

Gunpla & Model Kits new arrival and restock 11 Jan 2023

Check out our new Gunpla and model kits that arrived today. Online store updated.
DSPIAE Ultra Fine Single Blade Nipper ST-A 3.0

Model Tools and accessories restock 11 Jan 2023

Model Tools and accessories restocked today. Online store updated, check them out.
January 11, 2023 — De Toyz Shop
Tactical Unit Commander Aircraft X.U.A-000 Genesis

Model kits new arrival & restock 11 Jan 2023

The wait is ended! Genesis (normal ver) new arrival and other model kits are restocked today. Check them out.
Figure-rise Standard Amplified Black Wargreymon

Gunpla & Model kit restock 5 Jan 2023

New items arrived! Check out our new arrival and restock on Gunpla & Model kits today.
HG Darilbalde

HG Darilbalde new arrival & Gunpla restock 29 Dec 2022

Our last Gunpla restock for this year 2022. HG Darilbalde and SD SDW Heroes Sun Quan Gundam Astray He Yan Xiang Hu new arrival! Check them out.
HG Gundam Lfrith (The Witch From Mercury)

Gunpla & Model Kit restock 27 Dec 2022

These Gunpla and Kamen Rider kit restocked. Check them out.
HGUC NZ-666 Kshatriya

Gunpla & Model Kits restock 23 Dec 2022

These awesome kits just arrived! Check them out.
December 23, 2022 — De Toyz Shop
1/48 Mega Size Unicorn Gundam

Gunpla & Model Kits restock 15 Dec 2022

These awesome kits just arrived! Online store updated, check them out. 
Bandai Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Trigger MultiType

Gunpla & Model kit restock 8 Dec 2022

Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Trigger MultiType new arrival! Check out our latest restock items too.