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Gundam Build Metaverse

Gundam Build Series 10th Anniversary Special Report!

Gundam Build series 10th anniversary all 3 episodes new video " Gundam Build Metaverse" key visual release!

A "Dream Gunpla Battle" unfolding in the Metaverse space!!

New Gunpla Information is also revealed today!
Popular aircraft that decorate the 10th anniversary are commercialized one after another!

Check them out!

Japan Model & Hobby Show 2022

Japan Model & Hobby Show 2022 (29th Sept; Pre-opening) Summary

Bandai starts to reveal many new upcoming kits today in the pre-opening of Japan Model & Hobby Show 2022. The all Japan Model & Hobby Show will start on this Saturday (1st Oct 2022).

Let’s have a look at Bandai exhibition booth setup as well as the new products announced.

Japan Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022

Japan Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022 - Bandai Products

Japan Shizuoka Hobby Show 2022 started yesterday. Bandai shared their upcoming products. Check them out.
Gundam Side-F

GUNDAM SIDE-F opens at Gundam Park Fukuoka

GUNDAM SIDE-F is a shop area that opened in the new Gundam complex entertainment facility 👉🏻 Gundam Park at LaLaport Fukuoka. Grand opening date is set on 25 April 2022.

RX-93ff Nu Gundam that run through space is the symbol of GUNDAM SIDE-F. Read more...

De Toyz Shop
The Witch From Mercury

New Gundam Anime: The Witch From Mercury

Bandai announced the main character (as well as another 2 mobile suits) of the new anime - The Witch if the Mercury will be released in High Grade line-up! The price and released date is not firm, let's have the first look of these models!

This new anime will start broadcasting in October 2022.


Bandai 2022 Spring New Release (Day 3)

Bandai announced upcoming items in [HOBBY NEXT PHASE 2022 SPRING] event. This event will be held from 14~17 March 2022.

Today (Day 3) Gunpla and Imaginary Skeleton model kits are revealed. Below are the items that we are bringing in. Stay tuned for the PO start date. Find out more...

FRS Amplified Bleezemon

New Bandai Items to be released in Jan~Mar 2022

Today Bandai announced all the new items that released in Jan~Mar 2022. Below are the items that we will bring in and preorder will be opened soon. Looks like we will have a busy schedule next year first half. Stay tuned.
Gundam New Release Oct~Dec 2021

Gundam new release items Oct~Dec 2021

Bandai announced the new release of Gundam model kits from Oct~Dec 2021. Check them out and stay tuned for our pre-order info.
RG Wing Gundam (TV Ver.)

RG Wing Gundam (TV Ver.) product images revealed

Bandai just revealed the official product images of the new RG Wing Gundam (TV ver.) this morning. This kit looks so nice! Check them out!
MG Mobile Ginn

MG Mobile Ginn Immediate review before launch

Gundam Base Japan has done an immediate review on the new MG Mobile Ginn before the kit is launched. I selected some images in the blog to share with you here. Find out more.
MG Mobile Ginn

MG Mobile Ginn Official Images & Box Art revealed!

Bandai revealed the official product images and box art of the new MG Mobile Ginn!

Yet to order this kit? Click this link to order: MG Mobile Ginn

HGUC Xi Gundam VS Penelope Funnel Missile Effect Set

HGUC Xi Gundam VS Penelope Funnel Missile Effect Set Box Art & Official Images revealed!

Check out the official images and box art of this awesome kit! This kit will be released in Japan on 24th April 2021.