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HG GN Arms Type-D + Gundam Dynames

Gunpla & Model kits restock 7th April 2022

MG Rick DOM and HG Brady Hound (Blood Type) new arrival! More HG Gunpla and model kits being restocked. Online store updated, find out more…
HG Cho Mashin Ryujinmaru (PBandai)

Model kit & Gunpla restock 28th Mar 2022

Model kits and Gunpla restocked today. Online store updated, find out more...
HG Gundam Astray Red Frame Inversion

Gunpla & Model Kits new arrival 10th Mar 2022

Gundam Breaker Battlouge new arrival! Check out our new arrival today, online store updated, find out more...
FRS Amplified Bleezemon

New Bandai Items to be released in Jan~Mar 2022

Today Bandai announced all the new items that released in Jan~Mar 2022. Below are the items that we will bring in and preorder will be opened soon. Looks like we will have a busy schedule next year first half. Stay tuned.
HGUC Nightingale

HGUC Nightingale and Model kits new arrival 9 Sept 2021

The wait is ended! HGUC Nightingale, The Mandalorian, Razor Crest and more new items just dropped in our shop. Check them out.