Gundam EX Holomarker

New Gundam EX Holomarker Colors, Mr Color and Supplies restocked 25 Nov 2022

New Gundam EX Holomarker arrived! We have some others Mr Color paints and supplies restocked today too. Online store updated, check them out.
Figure-Rise Standard Son Goku (New Spec Ver.)

FRS Son Goku & Action Base new arrival 25 Nov 2022

The new Figure-rise Standard Son Goku (New Spec Ver) and Action Base 6 Clear version are here! Check out our online store, as well as some restocked gunpla.
Transformers Arcee Smart Model Kit

Trumpeter Bumblebee Arcee new arrival, model kits & accessories restock 5 Sept 2022

Trumpeter Transformers Arcee, Morstorm Ironman MK 4/6 & Macross new arrival! Other model kits and accessories being restocked too. Check them out.
Mr hobby

Gundam Marker White Gold & Yellow Gold new arrival

The new Gundam Marker white gold (XGM07) and yellow gold (XGM08) arrival our shop. Meanwhile, we have some Mr Color and Mr Hobby Supplies restocked too.
PG MS-06F Zaku II

Gunpla new arrival & restock 24 Aug 2022

New RG God Gundam, HG Gundam Lfrith etc arrived! Check out our latest new arrival and restock items.
Mr Color

Paints and Supplies restock 28 July 2022

Paints and supplies restock today, check them out. Online store updated, find out more…
Tamiya Tools

Tools and Accessories restock 15 July 2022

We have some tools and accessories being restocked today. Check them out. Online store is updated, find out more...
Figure-rise Standard Seed Lacus Clyne

Gunpla & Model kits restock 4th July 2022

We have some hot Gunpla and model kits being restocked today. Online store updated, find out more...
MG Sazabi Ver ka

Gunpla & Model Kits new arrival 9th June 2022

FM 1/00 Raider Gundam, FRS Masked Rider Kuuga Titan Form, Gespenst and HG IBO kits new arrival! At the mean time, we have some Gunpla restocked as well. Come check them out. Find out more...
Mr Hobby

Mr Color restocked 19th Apr 2022

Mr Color and others supplies restocked. Online store updated, find out more…
Mr Color

Mr Color Restock 25th Jan 2022

We have some paints come in today. Check them out.
Figure-rise Standard Masked Rider OOO Tatoba Combo

Gunpla & Model Kits new arrival 29th Dec 2021

This will be our last arrival this year 2021. Check out our latest Gunpla & model kits new arrival and restock.  Online store updated, find out more…