1/60 Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z Infinity Ver.)

One Piece Grand Ship & Boudary Warfare kits new arrival 19 Aug 2022

Special Edition of One Piece Grand Ship Collection model kits and HG 1/72 MAILeS Byakuchi (F.G.E. Color) (PBandai) arrived! Check out our new arrival and restock items today.
PG RX-78-2 Gundam

Bandai SW kits new arrival & Gunpla restock 18 Aug 2022

Bandai new SW kits Boba Fett and Grogu arrived! We have some great Gunpla being restocked today too. Check them out.
1/12 The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) Silver Coating Ver

Bandai Star Wars model kits & Gunpla restocked 4 Aug'22

Great Bandai Star Wars kits and Gunpla being restocked today. Check them out. Online store updated, find out more...
HG Brady Fox

Brady Fox new arrival, Gunpla & Star Wars kits restock 21 July 2022

HG Brady Fox & HG Mailes Reiki Kai new stock arrived! IBO Gunpla kit being restocked too. Online store updated, find out more...
Figure-rise Standard Seed Lacus Clyne

Gunpla & Model kits restock 4th July 2022

We have some hot Gunpla and model kits being restocked today. Online store updated, find out more...
Morstorm Ironman MK 47

Ironman MK47 new arrival & other model kits restocked 28th June'22

Morstorm Ironman MK47 arrived our store as well as some Gunpla being restocked. Online store updated, find out more...
1/12 C-3PO & R2-D2

Gunpla & Model kits restock 13th June 2022

We replenish so Gunpla and model kits today. Online store updated, find out more...
Entry Grade Nu Gundam

Gunpla & Model Kits new arrival and restock 11th May 2022

New Gunpla and model kits arrived! Check out our latest new & restock items. Find out more...
Hobby Next Phase 2022 Spring

Bandai 2022 Spring New Release (Day 2)

Bandai announced upcoming items in [HOBBY NEXT PHASE 2022 SPRING] event. This event will be held from 14~17 March 2022.

Today (Day 2) 30 Minutes Mission, 30 Minutes Sister, STAR WARS and Demon Slayer model kits are revealed. Below are the items that we are bringing in. Stay tuned for the PO start date. Find out more...

HG Gundam Barbataurus

Gunpla New Arrival and Restock 26th Jan 2022

Gundam Breaker Battlogue, SDW Heroes, Entry Grade and Gundam Decals new arrival! This will be our last Gunpla & Model kit arrival this month. Next arrival will be mid Feb'22. Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday to all.

It's a long list, please be patient when scrolling down 😄. Online store updated, find out more.

Mega Size Model RX-78-2 Gundam (1/48)

Gunpla & Model Kits new arrival 11 Jan 2022

Our first Gunpla and Model kits stock arrival in 2022! Online store updated, click here to view the details. It’s a long list, please be patient while scrolling down 😁
PG 1/60 Gundam Exia [Regular Edition]

Gundam & Model Kits new arrival & restock 10th Dec’21

Gundam & Model kits new arrival and restocked. Online store updated, find out more…