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Trumpeter Transformers bumblebee Smart Model Kit

Trumpeter Transformers Bumblebee Smart Model Kit restocked!

Good news to transformers fans. These awesome Trumpeter Transformers Bumblebee Smart kits are restocked! Check them out.
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Initial D Takumi Fujiwara AE86 Trueno Project D Specification (Prepainted)

Model Kits & Accessories restock 14 Mar 2023

MENG Evangelion Unit-01, MENG Motorcycle kits, Morstorm Ironman MK43 HG Gundam Aerial water decal and other model kits just arrived our shop! Online store updated, check them out.
Bumblebee & Soundwave & Ducati V4

Model kits new arrival 11 Nov 2022

These new items just arrival our shop. We will ship out all the preorders tomorrow onwards, and the same time you can pick them out at our shop too. Online store updated, find out more.
Transformers Arcee Smart Model Kit

Trumpeter Bumblebee Arcee new arrival, model kits & accessories restock 5 Sept 2022

Trumpeter Transformers Arcee, Morstorm Ironman MK 4/6 & Macross new arrival! Other model kits and accessories being restocked too. Check them out.
Evangelion unit-01 (MENG Model)

Evangelion Unit-01 new arrival & model kits restocked 18 July 2022

MENG model Evangelion Unit-01 is finally here. All preorder will be shipped and available to collect at shop. Trumpeter Smart kit Blitzwing, Tamiya cars and motorbike model kits are restocked too. Online store updated, find out more...
MechatroWeGo No.17 SPORTS“Flame & Jet black” (Limited Edition)

Model kits restocked 2nd Dec'21

More model kits arrived our shop today. Online store updated, check them out.
Transformers Bumblebee Smart Model Kit

Trumpeter SK01 Transformers BumbleBee

Awesome custom and painted by ZENSO! I was inspired, have you? 😁 
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