1/35 U.S. Main Battle Tank M1A2 Abrams Tusk I/Tusk II

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- M1 adopted in 1980, I was further expanded the previous 105mm rifle gun in M1A1 was introduced from 1985 to 120mm glide gun. It has been enhanced further defense force or the like is in the M1A2.
- SEP went to repair the M1 and M1A1 that became older than 1999 stands for refurbishment plan (System Enhanced Package).
- TUSK I (Tank Urban Survival Kit) is armor tile in the corresponding kit to urban warfare, such as a shield around the hatch has been equipped. Armor tile tile type in TUSK II has been additional equipment.
- Gulf War in combat in 1991, 2003 of the Iraq war, it has been also thrown into the Afghanistan of 2009.

- M1A2 SEP TUSKI that has been operating in Iraq, explosive reaction armor tiles equipped, equipped with equipment called CSAMM, corresponding to the battle under the city and urban environment by adding a shield around the machine gun of the hatch for loading hand .

- The type that has been operating in Iraq, tile-type explosive reaction armor tile has been added equipment.
- Turret was higher smoke grenade launchers and also the position of the cabinet so as not to interfere with this