1/5000 Star Destroyer [Lighting Model] First Production Limited

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Bandai Star Wars Model kit - 1/5000 Star Destroyer [Lighting Model] First Production Limited.

From "STAR WARS" classic works, Imperial-class star · Destroyer appeared on 1/5000 scale!

■ Precise reproduction of distinctive shaping with precise details unique to the large kit and overwhelming mold forming technology. The total length is about 320 mm.
■ Twelve LED lights arranged based on optical design produce a giant feeling realistically by shining a hole of about 0.3 mm in which countless numbers of LED lights are drilled on the wall surface.
■ A rear engine with a huge nozzle impressive can be lit by LED. Also reproduce details around the nozzle.
■ The command bridge and the multistage bridge are reconstructed to the detail with overwhelming density feeling. The ship's inner light is lit up behind the command bridge.
■ Openings where "Brocade · Runner" is captured are precisely reproduced until reaching the inside. Combined with the included "Brocade-Runner", it is possible to display a screen reminiscent of the beginning scene of "Star Wars Episode 4 / New Hope".
■ On the dedicated display base, the same scale "Brockade · Runner" or "Millennium · Falcon" included can be exhibited. You can produce a huge feeling of Star Destroyer.
■ As a privilege only for the initial production limited edition, a special booklet for clear exterior parts comes with "clear exterior parts" that can enjoy built-in LEDs, promoted by "promotional" Dorobou Hisashi ".
■ Package is a large format package with limited initial production.

■ 1/5000 Brocade · Runner / Millennium · Falcon × 1 each
■ Dedicated display base × 1 set
■ Clear exterior runner × 2

■ Sprue x 10
■ Sticker x 1
Lighting model version owner manual × 1
■ LED unit × 1 set
■ Clear Exterior Parts Special Booklet × 1