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Bandai Figure-rise Standard Bardock


Brand Bandai

Bandai Plastic Model Kit - Bandai Figure-rise Standard Bardock

-From [Dragon Ball Z], Goku's father Bardack is a plastic model!

-Reproduces the charms of Burdaq, such as the cheek cross-scratch and rugged expression.
-Equipped with a muscle build system that reproduces muscle parts by shaping and dividing!
-Reproduce famous scenes and special technique poses with high range of motion and attached effect parts.
-The effect using clear parts reproduces the released state and the accumulated state.
-Two facial expressions are included: [Normal] and [Scream].
-Two types of hand parts are included on both the left and right sides!

・ Expression parts x 2 types
・ Hand parts: Left hand x 2 types Right hand x 2 types
-Special Move Effect x 2
-Base for Special Move Effect x 1
・ Foil seal x 1