BB364 00 QAN[T]

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- Lead as early as 00 aircraft Daburuokuanta Movie Gundam BB Senshi appeared!
- GN Shield can be installed on the back!
- Separation of the pit sword, GN Sword V to reproduce the union!
- Reproduce parts of the lens is clear!
- Raiser particles tank parts are included!
BB322 optional parts must shoulder 付Ke替Ere Raiser [type particle storage tank] in!
- BB packed with original union gimmick!
Raiser, sold separately, parts and weapons can be linked Exia play.
- Includes a dedicated base!
Supakurugurinbesu GN particles in the image.

- Accessories: GN Sword V, GN Sword GN Sword V for the union point of a sword-bit,
BB322 Raiser particles for storage tank, grain storage tank, seat