BB370 Legend BB Knight Gundam

By Bandai
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Release - Knight Gundam SD Gundam Model Vol.1 Legend BB the best ever!
- A quarter of a century since the birth warrior BB. Items for making the best warrior ever BB, BB is planning Legend
Was started. The ultimate design of the latest gimmick or a clogged years from conception, as the first
Release of Knight Gundam has been determined. Is the crystal of the evolution of the past 25 years, following 25 years
BB is the best warrior ever play.
- Centaur form that can be turned into ankle replacement parts only, the waist.
- Parts for centaur form, can be used as a backpack.
- Use clear plastic plating, reproduce the armed gorgeous.
- Jewel of Knight's Sword is reproduced with clear parts.
- Visor plating is used for parts.
- Back to the holder can be mounted electromagnetic Spear.
- Selection formula, the movable parts, can represent a rich expression of Knight Gundam.
- Choice of two double-sided type specification parts pupil.
- Wisps cloak is reproduced in the molded movable.
- Has supplied weapons for the right angled.
- Included with the left hand expression.
- Remove the armor can be reproduced diatomaceous state. Also another part of the chest armor.
- Or moving the elbow joint.

- Accessories: electromagnetic Spear, Knight Sword, Knight Shield, Cape, backpack for centaur form