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BB409 YuanShao Bawoo &YuXi


Brand Bandai

Bandai Gundam Model kit - BB409 YuanShao Bawoo &YuXi

[Blessing !! BB Senshi 10th Anniversary!]

- The portion that was gray was changed to a molding color with a sense of quality.
- Because it is a color taste that is common to both Yuan Zusa, so in the form [Dragon Fei] after coalescence a more luxurious feeling is up!
- Metallic purple gobo which imaged dark shine is attached.
- Package is a new drawing and illustration!

- accessories
· Scattered sword × 1
· Ryu purple tail × 1
· Tamago × 1

- Product content
· Molded product × 4
· Seal × 1
· Instruction manual × 1

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