Digimon Reboot Omegamon (Omnimon)

By Bandai
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Bandai Model kit - Digimon Robot Omegamon (Omnimon)

- Appeared legend of Digimon [Omegamon] is designed with new plastic model!

- State-of-the-art, which is a modern twist form!
- Left arm, the new interpretation of the design which arranged the panel line in armor. Cloak is composed of a number of blades, each blade is capable of dramatic pose with that can be independently movable.
- You can reproduce the scenes `` play action of!
- Neck, lower back, elbow, knee [double joint]. Also with the pull-out of the joint] to each part, it can be high pose with degree of freedom such as the one knee up.
- Fully reproduced armed!
- Gray Sword of the right arm of Garuru Cannon and left arm as a weapon, reproduced in part replacement.
- Digital characters drawn on the blade is also precisely reproduced in the mold.
- The Digimon reboot ... 2010, the time has come to set successive Digimon achieve further evolution.
- It combines the mechanical stylish and biological uplifting, so to speak, a new brand is born to say, even the ultimate Digimon. Its name is `Digimon reboot`.
- High character of which the mechanical arrangement that has been refined by modern eyes, a wide range of movement produce poses. This is a mechanical surface and biological aspects, it puts out again stand the charm of the Digimon unique that combines both the nature of the brand.

- Accessories: Garuru Cannon (gun barrel parts), gray Sword (sword parts), action base for joining parts