Figure-rise LABO Hoshino Fumina [The Second Scene]

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Bandai Plastic Model Kit - Figure-rise LABO Hoshino Fumina [The Second Scene]

Figure-riseLABO The first "Hoshino Fumina" has been improved with further improvement of molding technology and appeared!
■ Layered research evolution reproduces the beautiful gradation of reddish and shadow of the skin with the transparent appearance of the thickness of the molding color.
■ Gate contacts are finely machined as a whole so that trimmed gate traces are not noticeable.
■ The gate of the flank moved to a position where traces can not be seen after assembly.
■ Swimwear changed the molding color to sporty dark blue. Pursuing more realistic texture by shiny molded expression like enamel.
■ Clear dedicated pedestal that reproduces the swaying water surface and splashes in a realistic manner, and a mount that imagined a sandy beach are included.

■ Dedicated pedestal × 1
■ Texture mount × 1

■ Sprue x 7
■ Instruction manual x 1