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Figure-rise Mechanics Trunks's Time Machine


Brand Bandai
- Height appeared overwhelming scale in the strong force of the trunks of time machine of 300mm is in the Figure-rise Mechanics!

-1. Height 300mm of strong force scale! -
- Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Trunks (sold separately) can be boarding!
- in conjunction with the trunks to be able to be reproduced in the play!

-2. Faithfully detail of reproductions of attention. -
- inside of the mechanical structure is add a new official set!
- of Figure-rise Mechanics unique exploitable make the mechanical structure Product specifications!
- exterior also reproduce the HOPE !! characters appeared in the play at the seal!

-3. The accessories included with the empty shells of cells that appeared in the drama. -
- that scene also reproducibly that came out in the play!

- accessories
Of cell husk Γ— 1

- The contents of goods
- molded products Γ— 17
Seal Γ— 1
Instruction Manual Γ— 1