Figure-rise Standard Naruto Uzumaki

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Bandai Plastic Model Kit - Figure-rise Standard Naruto Uzumaki

Here comes Naruto Uzumaki from NARUTO Shippuden to Figure-rise Standard Figures!

-The figure contains a magnet so it can be displayed on metal walls for example. Very ninja-like!
-It comes with 2 facial expression parts for a determined expression or a smiling one. The parts are well divided by color too!
-Also includes effect parts for the attacks like "Rasengan" and "Rasenshuriken".
-If you remove the pouch would the waist and use the special joint part with the base it can support the figure is various poses.

-Chakra effect (w/magnet) x2
-Technique effect x1 set
-Hand part x6 (left & right gripping hands, left & right contract sealing hands, left & right open hands)
-Display base x1