HG Cybaster

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Bandai Gundam Model Kit - HG Cybaster

-[Super Robot Wars] 30th Anniversary! Hobby Division participates in [Super Robot Wars OG]!
――The first is the commercialization of the popular [Cybuster]!

-A range of motion that allows you to create poses with a high degree of freedom.
-[Cybird form] can be reproduced by rearranging the parts. A pedestal that enables display in cyberd form is also included.
-Two [Discutter] and [Hi Famiglia] are included, and two pedestals for Hi Famiglia are also included.

・ Discutter x 1
・ High Famiglia x 2
・ Hand parts x 1 set
・ Pedestal for Hi Famiglia x 2
・ Main body pedestal x 1
・ Seal x 1