HG Gundam Astaroth

By Bandai

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Bandai Gundam Model kit - HG Gundam Astaroth

- Also appeared in the HG series early official Gaiden protagonist machine [Gundam Astaroth]!

- In accordance with the development of the popular [Orufenzu of Mobile Suit Gundam Blood and iron] official Gaiden, kit the protagonist machine in HG series.
- Faithfully reproduce the distinctive proportions that followed the view of the world!

- Enjoy Parts retrofit in various combinations by providing a hole of 3mm diameter throughout the body.
- In addition Barbados other, a built-in Gundam frame fuselage and a common specification of the frame, it can also be customized with other products!
- Left arm of the sub-knuckle is also possible equipment to other products.
- Equipped with a gimmick large armed Demolition knife that can be modified for storage form. Other knife, comes with rifles.

- Accessories: Demolition knife, rifle, knife