HGBC 1/144 No-Name rifle

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Bandai Gundam Model kit - HGBC 1/144 No-Name rifle

Equipment parts of Gundam Astray No Name line up to HGBC as "No-Name Rifle"!
■ "No-Name Rifle" can be reproduced in defensive mode, long range attacking shooting mode, backpack mode, each form!
■ Joint parts for each form are included, as well as joint parts for expansion are included. (Single axis, Double axis, Ball joint (large, medium, small))
■ HG 1/144 series and can be customized! Make it equipped in various forms and power up your gundam!

■ No-Name rifle × 1
■ Joint parts for shooting mode × 1
■ Joint parts for backpack mode × 1
■ Joint parts for defensive form × 1
■ Expansion joint parts × 1 formula

■ Sprue x 3
■ Instruction manual x 1