HGBF Super Fumina

By Bandai

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- [This is and Wai heart shape! ] Startle of [that] Gundam finally appeared!

- It appeared in the last episode of Gundam Build Fighters trie, disconnect the user of hepatic [super Fumina] finally appeared turned Gundam. To pursue mobile use some soft material, further eye also say life, and eyelashes are reproduced with clear parts and the foil seal.
- Can reproduce almost as configured by simply assemble the fine color-coded.
- Skirt reproduce the flexible movable using a soft material.
- Pupil reproduce the texture attach the clear plastic on top of the parts that put a foil seal.

- Accessories: beam rifle, shield × 2, sealed beam × 2, beam saber, beam cannon × 2, grip hand (left and right), palm (left and right), dedicated display stand