HGBF Wing Gundam Zero Honoo

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Bandai Gundam Model Kit - HGBF Wing Gundam Zero Honoo

- Official Gaiden [Gundam Build Fighters flame tri] new protagonist MS was Tsu simulating a fire that appeared in the long-awaited kit!

- Gundam that appeared in official Gaiden [Gundam Build Fighters flame tri] park planet was remodeled based on the [XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero].
- Large sword [Hyper Carre To Vu Ruffu] of other Twin Buster Rifle that part becomes the new part, the saber is capable of storing shield included.
- To Neobado flame mode deformation

- Accessories: Twin Buster Rifle, hyper Carre To Vu Ruffu × 2, shield, beam saber