HGUC MS-06R-1A Black Tri-Stars Zaku II

By Bandai

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Bandai Gundam Model kit - HGUC MS-06R-1A Black Tri-Stars Zaku II

- Mobile Suit Variations' Black Tri-Stars variant of the famed High Mobility Type Zaku II joins the HGUC line!

- The High Mobility Type Zaku II Black Tri-Stars variant from the MSV series finally gets the HG adaptation it deserves. Adopting the wide

range of motion and optional parts characteristic of the modern High Grade line, this Suit is a great addition to any collection!
- Massive amounts of detail, such as the leg thrusters and propellent tanks set this Suit apart from the standard Zaku II.
- Weapon Rack can store various types of equipment.
- A true high mobility machine for a squad of ace pilots, this unique Zaku II is loaded with mobility-boosting thrusters and verniers.

- Accessories: - Zaku Bazooka, Zaku Machine Gun, Heat Hawk, Shield, Weapon Rack,
Fist (Left), Rifle Manipulator (Left, Right), Grip Manipulator (Right)