HGUC Sazabi

By Bandai

Bandai Gundam Model Kit - HGUC Sazabi

- 1 Nu Gundam from rival Sotheby machine [Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack]/Commercialized in 144HGUC series.
- Saddle After all parts is possible by adopting a new structure to each section.
- Maturity of the state improves structure set up an inconspicuous part of the body seam.
- Introduction of new poly cap for the UP of joint strength. Posing performance is further improved.
- Reproduce the image of the aircraft in a massive show that thicker armor parts.
- Reproduce precisely the mechanical details in the exterior that will not stick vernier, and Apojimota.
- Comes with a weapon, beam rifle, shield, beam saber, beam tomahawk