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[Pre-Order] Metal Build Evangelion Unit-01 [ETA September/October'19]


Brand Bandai

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ETA September/October'19
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Prototype image. Actual product may vary.
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Height: approx 220mm.

- The highest peak brand in the finished product model METAL BUILD, the world's most popular [Evangelion] series enters!

- Evangelion first machine with steel muscle, 'Stevens Evangelion'.
- A completely new evangelion designed newly for METAL BUILD by Mr. Yamashita Doyuki who is the main part mechanic designer.

[Design] Kimi Yamashita ([Evangelion] Series Mechanic Design)
[Design] Dragon stone (dragon studio)
[Color Coordinate] Hirose Hiroyuki (Deco Lab)

Unknown super popular work [Evangelion].
In July 2018, it was great excitement in response to the fact that the final of the new movie version [Shin · Evangelion Theatrical Version] was released in 2020.
That [Evangelion] breathes new winds into the METAL BUILD series.

- Mr. Yamashita Mr.
I am in charge of the mechanical design of the [Evangelion] series.
Takumi Yamashita drew up numerous design sketches in accordance with the concept of METAL BUILD, and also involved in supervision of the shape.
Creating a whole new Evangelion, leaving a traditional image.

- Steel muscles
Adopted die casting & plating processing on each part of the main body.
With a metal but supple line, unique texture creates unparalleled presence.

- Restraint cage
The stand is a luxury specification with a restraint cage as a motif.
We use soft material for umbilical cable, and reproduce the texture perfectly.

Palette rifle reproduces various forms by replacing and attaching barrel etc
Magoroku Sword, Hand Gun, Progressive Knife also appeared in new appearance!

- Additional equipment
Due to additional equipment such as legs newly set this time, the whole image changes dramatically.
By installing various weapons, the play value has improved dramatically.

The original joint structure realizes overwhelming completion without disturbing the line of the body while ensuring a wide movable range reminiscent of the human body.

- set content
· Main body
· Four replacement wrist left and right
· Progressive knife
· Magorok · Exterminate · Sword
· Counter sword
· Palette Rifle
· Complete pallet rifle option
· Hand gun
· Umbilical cable
· A set of joints
· Replacement parts for head with goggles
· Shin front armor
· Complete pedestal with cage
· Support