MG Providence Gundam G.U.N.D.A.M Premium Edition

By Bandai

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- Lord burdened the thunder - Providence Gundam MG of!
- Release !! along with the special set of full Limited Edition

- Special Set -
- ZAFT mark pedestal and special decals included special set!
- MG SEED series special water transfer type decal to the mark design are summarized in one.

-Propotion [Proportion] -
Using the format of MG Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0.
High action of the joint mechanism is, of course, followed the proportions balance.

-Dragoon [Dragoon] -
Maximum all removable and is Dragoon of the back is a feature of.
The pedestal and clear strut, can also be a display of all-range attack.

-Gimmick & Detail [gimmick & Detail -
Reproduce the Providence Gundam with more detail of the MG SEED Series Common become amount of information.
Deployment of the hatch class, equipped with a gimmick to joint various places to expand the width of the movable.
Posing of force is determined!
Deployment gimmick was equipped in the left arm complex weapons defense shield system.
Opening and closing gimmick of the cockpit. Pilot figure also included.
The drawer gimmick of the ankle joint, the pose of the space-time combat is determined.
Reproduce the fine detail, including such as thrusters and pipes in the legs back.

-Option [Options] -
Yudikiumu beam rifle, also armed, such as composite soldiers Sobotate system accessories.
The size of the force, expressive saber effects included.
1/100 also included figure of Raul Kruse.

- accessories
· Yudikiumu beam rifle × 1
And multifunction soldiers Sobotate system × 1
- Dragoon injection for reproduction strut × 5
- Grip hand (left and right) × 1 each
- Open hand (left and right) × 1 each
- Gun possession (right) × 1
- Perforated grip hand (left and right) × 1 each
Saber effect × 1
· ZAFT mark pedestal × 1