Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon EVA Unit 01 Arousal Ver.

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Height: approx 210mm.

-. Evangelion 01 machine awakening Ver commercialization of at Kotobukiya Phra kit series [Rebuild of Evangelion]!
- The fusion of the first installment of the produce at the hands of precision joint design and prototype teacher by the CAD design of the [Evangelion first unit] sophisticated modeling of the form as it is, change of the molded color color ring of wakefulness in reproduction.
- In addition, we reproducible commercialize the evolution of using the new build part pseudo-Shin of the first awakening form.

[Gimmick commentary]
- Head three: reproduce in a selection formula from the normal state is divided into advanced 3 form until late in the play of arousal.
- Chest part two: usually in addition to reproduce the chest of wakefulness in a selection formula of the chest.
- Left arm two: in addition to the normal left arm, reproduce the left arm of the state in which the energy of after the loss in the play in a selection formula.
- Halo: reproduce the halo at the time of awakening.
- Opening gimmick: reproduced in moving. You open and close from the chin is one step down in the same way in the play.
- Interlocking movable entry plug: entry plug in conjunction with the movable rear block is pulled out.
- Interlocking movable knee joint: thigh front and the kneecap is linked to the movable.
- Shoulder knife storage unit deployment of: reproduction in replacement parts.
- Of the neck joint interlocking moving: moving in conjunction with the throat when facing up.

[Accessory wrist]
- Fist (left and right), palm (left and right), gun possession (left and right), knife Possession (left and right), the finger is warped shape open hand (left and right), grab shape open hand (left and right) is included.
- Further wrist of wakefulness, fist (left), palm (left), shape open hand (left) in which the finger is warped, grab shape open hand (left) is included.
- It is a scene in the play in a rich hand parts can be reproduced.

- Some painted parts and clear parts
- Eyes, jaw tip, chest armor, neck, already painted some parts of the mouth such as at the time of awakening.
- Eye-molded by a (awakening two) chest core, clear parts with the image of the halo and halo support parts, respectively in the play the left arm.
-. Assembled only Evangelion first unit awakening close to the image in the play in Ver it is can be reproduced.