S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2019)

By Bandai
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Height: approx 160mm.

- The highest peak monster king of monster movable figure series, GODZILLA

- Published May 31, 2019 [Godzilla King of Monsters] [Godzilla (2019)] is three-dimensional with overwhelming quality with SHMonsterArts.
- In addition to the movable range which can reproduce the scene which looks up at the heaven and gives off the light, impressive also in the trailer, the ray effect parts are attached.

[Modeling / Coloring]
- Three-dimensional modeling and coloring by Mr. Yuji Sakai, the leading godzilla modeling leader in Japan, based on the data material of the movie.

- By the hand of Mr. Mitsuhiko Hosokawa who has created the movable mechanism of successive SHMonster Arts, the movement without breaking the proportion is realized.
- Without replacement, it is possible to turn the head upward like a poster visual.

<Prototype / coloring: Mr. Yuji Sakai>
Born in 1958. As a prototype master representing Japan, the leading figure of Godzilla modeling. In the movie [Godzilla 2000 Millennium] (1999) he is a three-dimensional designer. [Sakai Yuji modeling workshop] presided over, deploying numerous Godzilla kits. That sophisticated modeling has gained a high reputation both from home and abroad.

<Moving mechanism: Mr. Mitsuhiko Hosokawa>
I devised and produced a movable mechanism of successive SHMonsterArts series. In other TAMASHII NATIONS items, he deals with Ultra monsters of SHFiguarts Ultraman series. He is responsible for the [Dongguan City Refined Toy Co., Ltd.] responsible for not only the movable mechanism, but also a series of prototypes, movements, and coloring.

- set content
· Main body
Radiant heat ray effect
· Effect joint