Beyblade Burst B-82 Booster Alter Chronos.6M.T

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Takara Tomy - Beyblade Burst B-82 Booster Alter Chronos.6M.T

- layer
[Alter Kronos] God of time Kuronosu motif. By changing the bias of the center of gravity, the God Layer can change modes to the balanced endurance mode and the unbalanced heart attack mode. (Attack Type)

- Disc
[Six] Attack type disk on which six feathers generate downforce on the core disk on which frame parts can be attached.

- flame
[Meteor] Attack strengthening parts that can be attached to the core disk. Attack & defense performance up with a five-shot peening type with right turn specialization.

- Driver
[Trance] Balanced deformation driver capable of switching between attack mode and endurance mode. (Balance type)

- Product Description: Layer (1), Disk (1), Driver (1), Frame (1), God Chip (1), Seal (1), Instruction Manual (1)

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