HG ChuChu's Demi Trainer

By Bandai
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Bandai Gundam Model Kit - HG ChuChu's Demi Trainer

From the latest Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury", a custom machine dedicated to character B, Demi Trainer (character B dedicated machine) (provisional) is three-dimensionalized in the HG series!
■ The range of motion of the arms is expanded by pulling out the shoulders. The forearm is also equipped with a movable rotation.
■ The neck is pulled out to expand the range of movement, and the ball joint at the waist has a structure that provides space for forward and backward leaning postures.
■ The cable extending from the backpack to the beam rifle is represented by a lead wire.
■ The arm parts of the beam rifle can be connected to the front armor of the main body.
■ Thrusters on the sides of both feet can slide and rotate up and down.

■ Beam rifle x 1
■ Hand parts x 1 set
■ Lead wire x 1
■ Sticker x 1