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HG IBO MS Option Set 3 & Gjallarhorn Mobile Worker


Brand Bandai

Bandai Gundam Model kit - HG IBO MS Option Set 3 & Gjallarhorn Mobile WorkerSpace)

- 3rd appearance weapon set that was to set the proximity weapons and Mobile worker!

- A scene that has attacked the heroes along with the Grey's in the first episode is impressive, even Mobile workers Gyararuhorun owned included!
- Halberd (provisional) can reproduce the stored state and deployment state in replacement.
- HG Gundam ing with a Zion, comes with proximity armed, such as ing Sion Axe (provisional) and grayed Sion chopper (provisional).

- Ing Sion Axe (provisional) Γ— 1
- Ing Sion chopper (provisional) Γ— 1
- Halberd (provisional) Γ— 1
- Galleria Le Horn Mobile worker Γ— 1