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HG R03 Buster Gundam


Brand Bandai

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Bandai Gundam Model kit - HG R03 Buster Gundam

- Depending on what Mobile Suit Gundam SEED remastering, even HG SEED Gundam series
Fully renovated!
- Anime [Mobile Suit Gundam SEED] HD Remastered decide! Future expansion to match the picture,
Mobile suit to cover a number of [Gundam HG Series] Released renewal!
- Redesigned the packaging design? Gundam latest packages in the history of evolution SEED10 anniversary
Innovation in design.
- If SEED is reproduced in action poses! Action Base 2 (sold separately) can be connected to the corresponding
New parts came with attachments! Action-based anime TV broadcasting time was unreleased.
The use of this new parts, pull out the potential of mobile HG, SEED-specific
The air can take a dynamic action poses.
- Set the color to the color re-mastered re-forming! The Gundam animated to match the HD Remastered
Reconfiguration of forming color. Anime became more faithful color reproduction, UP is also mature.
- Added design marking stickers! Military aircraft identification marks and numbers, affiliation, just put
Accessories that can dress up with a new seal marking. When used in combination,
Can be your own original arrangement.

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