HGBC Meteor Hopper

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Bandai Gundam Model kit - HGBC Meteor Hopper

- Chock-full of gimmicks, this multi-purpose bike will unlock new horizons for your Gundam Fenice (or other Build Fighters kits!)!

- Piloted by the Wing Gundam Fenice, the Meteor Hopper is built to improve speed and ground performance for Ricardo Fellini's star build!
- Able to seat the Wing Gundam Fenice, this kit is equipped various gimmicks, such as the armor link gimmick, linking the kit's movement to that of the Fenice (or other HG kit) when it's being ridden!
- Equipped with 3mm Multi-Joint on rear tire stand.
- Side Binder can be expanded.
- Gundam Wing Fenice's Buster Rifle Custom can be installed for offensive maneuvers.
- Stand can be pulled down.

- Accessories: Multi-Joint Parts