HGBF Cherudim Gundam Saga Type.GBF

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Bandai Gundam Model kit - HGBF Cherudim Gundam Saga Type.GBF

- [Keldim Gundam Saga] appeared as a build fighter specification.

- Seven guns are attached according to MS 's concept `Seven Gun`.
- Reproduce gimmicks such as opening and closing the head sensor.
- With wide range of motion, various shooting poses that Keldim Gundam Saga is good at can be reproduced.
- [GN Assault Carbine] is held with both hands, and the posing of the sniper position can be reproduced.

  • GN Beam pistol x 2
  • GN Sub machine gun x 2
  • GN Assault carbine x 2
  • GN Pistol II x 2
  • GN Small shield x 1