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HGBF Kamiki Burning Gundam


Brand Bandai

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Bandai Gundam Modek Kit - HGBF Kamiki Burning Gundam

- I have thought, I have made, I only original Gundam of! ] Final airframe [first half Burning Gundam] is finally kit that is raised to create hero first half and the World!

- [Gundam Build Fighters tri] last long-awaited kit in the first half Burning Gundam HGBF was a big success at times!
- Wrist is moving, comes with hand baht spread the width of the poses.
- Also sword that Nukihana~tsu with flame when it is confronted with Suga Akira in the last round included.
- Reproduce the overflowing out flames at the time of mystery phoenix Overlord fist triggered a rich clear effect parts.

- First half Burning Gundam ... aircraft that first half, the world was completed through the training. The Tri-burning has become a fighting game specialized type for reference.

- Accessories: flame effect parts × 1 set, fist (left and right), Hirate (left and right), grip hand (left and right)