HGBF Transient Gundam

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Bandai Gundam Model Kit - HGBF Transient Gundam

- Strongest rival of Gundam try burning the Gundam Academy of Kijima-Wilfrid is manipulate! White MS appeared !! by HGBF

- The HGBF of a completely new shape the Gundam that Kijima-Wilfrid uses. Pedestal is included that can reproduce the clear parts and floating form of weapons and backpack.
- Deployment of GN partisan reproduced in replacement.
- Various hand parts are included.
- Use the clear parts to each part. Reproduce the aircraft along with the texture.
- Tip equipped with pedestal comes the movable shaft to. Can display in the impressive floating state.

- Transient Gundam ... love machine of Kijima, Wilfrid is a Gundam school ace. It is set as a genealogy of the solar furnace equipped aircraft that appeared in [Mobile Suit Gundam 00].

- Included: GN partisan × 2 · display pedestal