HGUC Zeta Plus (Unicorn Ver.)

By Bandai

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- Zeta Plus- modern successor of the iconic Zeta Gundam! 
- Appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam UC episode 7, the Zeta plus is recreated as an HGUC! Using a transformation method based on the parts-swapping mechanic utilized by the HGUC Delta Plus! This system allows the proportions of the Suit to be kept accurate to the OVA, while allowing transformation.
Appearance Zeta Plus appearing in the Mobile Suit Gundam UC] episode 7 becomes HGUC. [HGUC Zeta Gundam] followed the deformation method using replacement parts that were developed in [HGUC Delta Plus]. While emphasizing the proportion in MS form, and enables the deformation.
- And deformable to WR to the mounting each part around the WR-only body parts, with an emphasis on proportion.
- Beam rifle, shield included. It can be installed in each WR.
- I reproduce in proportion modern zeta plus.

- Accessories: beam rifle, shield, beam cannon x2, beam saber x2