Hyper Function LBX Odin


Bandai Plastic Model Kit - Hyper Function LBX Odin

-From [Cardboard Warplane], LBX Audien is equipped with a new deformed gimmick and is transformed into a hyperfunction!

-The core skeleton reproduces precise mechanical details.
-Each armor reproduced by multi-color molding can be attached and detached smoothly.
-Deformation to flight form is realized by replacing only the wrist, focusing on the parts configuration of each part.
-By deploying vernier on the back of the knee, the range of motion of the leg is greatly secured.
-Comes with a special weapon Rita Riator and 4 different wrists.

・ Ritariator × 1
・ Exclusive pedestal x 1
・ Hand parts x 1 set
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Marking seal x 1