Petiture-rise Love Live! Sunshine!! Chika , Riko , You

By Bandai

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- lovelive! Members of Deformed been cute Aqours from Sunshine !! appeared every year!

- Able to reproduce the second grade three members of Koumi Sen'uta-Sakuranai Mariko Watanabe Sunday of Aqours, in a variety of poses and facial expressions can enjoy compatible kit in the reclassification of parts of parts!

- Point 1
Without the need also tools and adhesives such as nippers is to assemble, easy to be assembled in female fans!

- Point 2
Members cute Diforume!
Since Stand also comes with, you decorate cute!

- Point 3
Favorite members of each school year in one of the kit into the hands!
Dedicated face parts of each member is included! Decorate it attracted Aqours9 people all!
ā€» body parts are one body in common.

- Point 4
Various pose scene in rich recombinant parts can be reproduced!
In addition to the face parts which serves as a base, using a general-purpose face parts, can be a variety of facial expressions, such as sparkling smile and surprised face in the seal stuck sort!
Hand-foot parts can also be replaced.
I decided to pose with your favorite members of your to try a variety of combinations!

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Pedestal Ɨ 1, each member-only head parts Ɨ 1 each (3 people), general-purpose face parts Ɨ 1, common body Ɨ 1, reclassified for the arm parts left and right Ɨ 2, for reclassified foot parts left and right Ɨ 1, facial seal Ɨ 3 ( each of the three servings for members), sealing body Ɨ 1