Soul of Chogokin GX-40R Godmars

By Bandai
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Height: approx 280mm.

- Six body god Robo coalesce six gods into a huge Godmother!

- Renewal masterpiece robot of superalloy soul with ultimate coalescing deformation function!
- Weapon parts that were attached to former Poppy [DX Chogokin] are newly molded and added to the superalloy soul specification.
- Coloring also reappears with the image color of [DX superalloy].

- Six gods Robo's new stature!
Poppy's masterpiece [DX Chogokin] respected! Metallic metal color full of coloring.

The main character Robo · Godgayer who is the core of Godmaz is able to move about 25 joints of the whole body!
Each other joint can move and other new thesaurus can also equip each new shaped weapon!

· Godgyer (total height: about 100 mm)
Godmother's core robot.

· Masin Sphinx (total height: about 170 mm)
Deformed into the body of Godmas.

· Magineuranusu (Height: approx 120 mm)
Deformed to the right arm of Godmas.

· Mazin Titan (Height: approx 120 mm)
Transformed to the left arm of Godmers.

· Madinsin (total height: approx. 160 mm)
Deformed to the right leg of Godmas.

· Mageller (total height: about 160 mm)
Deformed to the left leg of Godmas.

- New weapon models are abundantly included!
Renewal designed for the superalloy soul of each Robo which was attached to former [DX superalloy] New design!

· Canon saber
God Gaia exclusive weapon

· Cross Sword
Mazin Sphinx exclusive weapon (2 pieces included)

· Round Haken
Mazin Uranus exclusive weapon

· Hyper Sword
Mazin Titan exclusive weapon

· Assam cutter
Mazingin exclusive weapon

· Iron Breaker
Weapons exclusively for Müninger

A large sword dedicated to Godmaz is also included in the newly shaped [Six Shiken].
Support mechanism [3 cosmo crusher] to combine 3 fighter aircraft is included.

- set content
· Godgyer
· Magine Sphinx
· Magine Uranus
· Mazin Titan
· Marsingin
· Magellaner
· Display table
· Cosmocruster
· Replacement wrist various
· Mingjin Reef (Reef to store Gaire)
· New modeling weapons (7 types in all)
· Mars Flash (Sword for Godmas)