Tamiya 1/35 U.S.Medium Tank M4A3 Sherman 75mm Gun Late Production (Frontline Breakthrough)

By Tamiya
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Tamiya Model Kit - 1/35 U.S.Medium Tank M4A3 Sherman 75mm Gun Late Production (Frontline Breakthrough)

I direct a sense of reality in a combination of tank and figure]
- The combination of Sherman and figure of three infantry in combat, and easily enjoy the scene deployment
Kit comes up. And going back to the fun of the MM series originally, I condense to model the forefront of one scene
- Three-body doll pose full of sense of urgency reproduced in winter equipment such as late war overcoat figure.
Add a wealth of equipment and track roller type of dish, M4A3 Late enhances the sense of fulfillment further.
In addition, M4A3 Sherman will be released in November and 2.5 t 6 × 6 Cargo Truck, and M8 Greyhound
Such as the 105mm howitzer on-board, scene of deployment in conjunction with the U.S. military vehicle is also fun.

[For M4A3 Sherman 75mm gun-mounted]
- M4 Sherman during World War II, led to the Allied victory. Among the numerous variations
Type produced the most is the M4A3. 75mm gun of the M4A3-mounted to the body of welded construction
Equipped with a Ford V-8-cylinder gasoline engine, in February 1944 as in the previous fiscal year type produced start in June 1942
I can be divided into the following types late. Characteristic of the late-type front armor of one type with improved defense,
Of ammunition storage box of wet surrounded by water around the shell and hand loading hatch, and the vehicle length for cupola
In adoption, War in the Pacific Ocean front and the European front, the Normandy landing and subsequent
It's fought with Allied soldiers until the end.

[About the model]
- It is a plastic model assembly kit U.S. Army main battle tanks, the M4 Sherman.
- Total length 172mm, overall width 76mm. The M4A3 late type of 75mm gun equipped with a cast turret to welding car body
I've modeled realistically.
- I prepare for two types, vehicle length for cupola opening and closing each hatch of the vehicle body and turret and loader's hatch
You will be assembled to choose.
- Sprocket and track roller is also possible to select two types of caterpillar set the type of rubber pad with.
- 3 doll body of infantry which reproduced poses lively, bust one body length of the tank to pick up the binoculars,
And a wealth of equipment tripod and machine gun ammunition boxes, such as carrying food for wooden box set also.
- Three with decal.