Weapon Unit MW32 Samurai Sword

- FREE SHIPPING to peninsular Malaysia on order > RM300.
- Flat rate RM9 to peninsular Malaysia for first 5kg.
- Flat rate RM15 to Sabah & Sawarak for first 1kg.

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- Can be easily decorated the robot model in [MSG Weapon Unit Series],
Items that are themed design [realistic] comes up!
- The first 32 bullets,'s popular as a melee weapon [sword] is a lineup again.
- Was changed to hit reproduces the storage gimmick to the sheath and [MW06 Samurai Sword Machete]
It becomes the specification that specializes in design-di of play.

- The sword comes with two kinds of the length of the blade is different.
- The removal of the pattern parts, the sheath can be used to represent the state and sword store sword state.
- Holder parts for attachment to the sheath body model comes with two. Holder with 3 mm diameter shaft
In connection, can be attached to 3 mm diameter connection hole provided in the body model.