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Chogokin Guru Guru Doraemon (Reissue)


Brand Bandai

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Height: approx 125mm.

- superalloy Doraemon is back!

- 12 years from the Japan Mini Doraemon, Doraemon super alloy is back!
- This time of the gimmick is round and round. Another operation takes place with the right hand and left hand.
- right hand changes the eye, the left hand is taking out a secret tool!

- lower the right hand and eye of the facial expression will change 5 pattern at random.
· Push the left hand and take out the secret tool from the inside.
· Attach the Takekoputa to the head and then rotates in conjunction with the right arm of the gimmick.
· Secret tool is included with the full eight.

- set content
- Body
· Secret tool eight

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