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HG Gundam Astaroth Rinascimento


Brand Bandai

- [Coalition] Astaroth second coming in arms and asymmetric figure!

- Official Gaiden [Iron-Blooded Orphans Moon Steel] The main character of the 2nd term is converted to HG.
- Characteristic Asymmetric left and right design and new large weapon [Bastard Chopper] are reproduced with new parts.

- [Bastard Chopper] combines with [Demolition · Knife], it becomes a large weapon.
- When it coalesces, it becomes a large weapon with a total length of about 200 mm!

- The dedicated rifle can be suspended on the waist.

- Reproduce bilaterally asymmetric design -
1. Includes a large form of new modeled backing.

2. Asymmetric antennas are newly shaped.

3. The sub-arm can also be equipped with a rifle in an expansion formula.

- accessories
· Demolition · knife × 1
· Rifle × 1
· Knife × 2
· Bastard Chopper × 1