HG High Mobility Type Zaku II (Gaia's/Mash's Custom) (The Origin)

By Bandai

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- [Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN I blue eyes Casval of] Gaia that wins a name in the Black Tri-Stars from, mash of Zaku is kit!

- Powerful battle scene in the play is the topic! High Mobility Type Zaku II` Black Tri-Stars `Gaia, it can be reproduced in the replacement part parts mash dedicated machine.
- High Mobility Type Zaku II largest backpack or legs of the shape which is a characteristic of the reproduced in the new shape.
- HG Char-only in the Zaku II similarly high mobile performance, it can be freely of poses.
- Machine gun for MS of the new shape is included. Others, MS for anti-ship rifle ASR-78, MS for bazooka type A2, is also included heat-Hawk.
- Caution marks of impressive aircraft surface can be reproduced in Tetoron seal of accessories.

- Accessories: MS for machine gun, bazooka type A2 for MS, MS for anti-ship rifle ASR-78, Heat Hawk, heat Hawk (stored state), Gaia machine reproduction for shoulder shield, spare machine gun for machine gun, for bazooka spare magazine × 4